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.Net Mag Build Off

May 2013

Wavehouse is a fictitious surf park that boasts the world’s first endless wave. The idea came from a few videos I’ve been watching recently, where this technology is in the very early stages. As a surfer I’d love to see something like this become a reality.

Logo Work

Initial Designs I started by focusing on the icon, something that is really simple and easily recognisable. I played with various fonts and styles but settled on the one you see below.


Colour & Typography The final logo I designed includes a simple icon and is accompanied by a beautiful font - Montserrat. I kept the colour palette fairly neutral so that it could easily be applied to promotional items and surfboards in the theme park.

Web Design

About the site As the brief was ‘theme park’ I had to think about how this idea could become more than just a wave pool. I had this idea there would be shops, skate parks, bars and a Luau for late night drinking. This would be the kind of place you’d visit just for the day or with your mates for the weekend. I contacted a company in Australia who granted me use of their imagery, and the ideas just started flowing in.

Mobile & Tech

The design would be responsive, with the design shown being the desktop version. Using media queries the layout of the site would change based on the dimensions of the viewport on the browser or device that the site is being viewed on. I have designed a mobile view, which you can see on my website. I’d use HTML 5 video for the main banner, Google Web fonts for the typefaces and CSS3 for the various subtle styles used on the site.

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