Freelance Designer from the South Coast.

Design is in the details; I care about every pixel and immerse myself fully in each project. I'm available for design of websites and applications.


oozled is an online directory of everything creative. Following a successful blog post written on Medium, I decided in May 2014 to turn oozled into a web app. I teamed up with developer Ryan Taylor and within 3 weeks of writing the announcement we had designed and built the version 0.1 of oozled.

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Zain Verjee Group

After working at CNN as anchor for 14 years Zain decided to leave and start her own company. Zain Verjee Group is all about bringing African stories to the world. I was responsible for Branding and design of her site while Tom Kentell was the developer brought in for development.

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I was aksed by the team at MODE to design the branding and UI for their new mobile app. MODE allows you to enter your destination and easily find the quickest, greenest and cheapest way to get there. The app is currently in development and should be released on the App Store later this year.

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First Round Capital

First Round asked me to completley re-design their homepage. After a few initial concepts we decided on a full page, sectioned experience that immerses the user in First Round's roster of amazing companies and core values. I designed the homepage, with Tom Kentell brought in for development. The team at First Round then re-designed the internal pages themselves.

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Instate is a IT company founded in 1986. They focus on providing their customers with bespoke products from Document Management to Cloud computing solutions. I was asked to re-brand the company, and create a logo to be used for each of their products and services. Alongside this I re-designed the website which was developed by Ryan Taylor, at Havoc Inspired.

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Tribal Media was founded by Mel Kirk, video blogger at I was asked to to re-design her company brand, website and printed stationery including business cards and letterheads. I was brought in by Ryan Taylor, who handled the development of this project.

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Currently a work in progress Tyle is an app that allows you to create a visual feed of your favourite anything. Tyle is being designed by myself and built by Ben Howdle and Dan Tomlinson I am responsible for the app branding and user interaface.

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Book Creator for iPad

I was asked by Red Jumper, the creators of Book Creator to re-fresh their UI of their very popular iPad app. With the release on iOS 7 the focus was on simplicity and a vibrant colour palette. A large % of the app's users are children so the app needed to be easy to use and easily communicate to a wide audience. The app was featured in the iOS store shortly after the release in 2013 and is the number 1 book creation app in over 60 countries with over 4 million books created to date.

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.Net Mag Build Off

Each month .Net Magazine ask 3 designers to design a homepage for them based on a fictitious brief. This month the brief was to design a homepage for a theme park. I wanted to do something a bit different so I chose a wave park, somewhere where surfers would go to surf all day and party all night with their friends. I designed a page which includes a full case study on the project and my process.

This was published in .Net Magazine in the July edition (out May 17th).

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THINK Poster

I saw this poster in a tweet last week and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve previously spoken about trying to think about what I’m tweeting, educating, not humiliating and this poster although possibly aimed at children, due to it’s design was applicicable to me and probably many others too. Therefore I spent a couple of hours Saturday morning re-designing it.

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Altitude is a Q&A Night, organised by myself and Tom Kentell. The event will be held in Portsmouth, UK on the 27th February and sold out weeks in advance. I was responsible for the design of the branding, website and printed material including lanyards and 6ft banners.

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snow2moro Re-Design

I was asked to re-design snow2moro, an online snow and ski magazine. I was responsible for the design of the brand and website. Unfortunately the project did not get developed after a change of direction.

Email UI

I wanted to design an email client that was simple and easy to use. I set myself a time target of just 2 hours and I'm pretty happy with the result. I enjoy to set myself challenges like this, and with more time I would have defined the UI and probably included a few more features.

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Awesome Cart

I wanted to create a simple eCommerce template to sell online, however due to time restraints I only got as far as the design. It's now available to download for free.


Various UI

I'm a big Dribbble fan and I regularly take part in rebound sessions where you give your own spin on another designers UI. It's challenging, fun and It's given me the chance to design UI that I might not get from a client.

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Music Player UI

This was my first design for a Mac app. As a regular user of Spotify and Rdio I wanted to set myself a challenge of designing a music app that would be functional and easy to use. Here I've shown the album view, playing one of my favourite tracks from Mylo Xyloto - Man, I love that album.

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Pinterest Re-Design

This was my first design for iOS UI in 2012. I wanted to re-design an existing app and I chose Pinterest because it's a site I use regularly and I felt the existing UI was untidy and could be improved. This project was self initiated and not affiliated with Pinterest.

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